Our Approach

Whether we’re providing 911 service to a city or arranging for the long-distance transfer of an individual critical patient, AMR is committed to meeting the unique needs of each community, facility and patient we serve through specifically tailored programs and care.

Our values are clear: Patient Focused, Customer Centered, Caregiver Inspired. These three phrases are at the heart of every call in every community – every day.

AMR is proud to have helped create San Diego’s Regional Cooperative Care Program (RCCP), a public-private partnership designed by local fire and emergency medical personnel to ensure the highest quality of care for San Diegans.

Under the program, all life-saving member organizations commit to attaining and maintaining common medical standards. To achieve these upgraded standards, the organizations combine training and medical direction, eliminating redundancy and making improved quality more cost-effective for taxpayer-supported public entities.

The program also coordinates incident command structure and provides centralized infection-control systems, ensuring better response in disasters and major public health emergencies.